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44 Meaningful Sounds
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Bodies of Work:
The Heat of the World One Hour Ago
Every Color Exactly once
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44 Meaningful Sounds - 2008 - Speaker, stand, computer, custom software, amplifier

44 Meaningful Sounds derives its name from the number of meaningful sounds (or phonemes) in the English (American) language. Each sound was extracted from representative words in order to obtain as closely as possible the way it might vary slightly from the beginning or end of a word to its interior. These sounds have been assembled into a library and are played back in random order using an algorithm designed to mimic the consonant and vowel patterns of the English language.

I am curious about the effects of randomness and the ways it can be wielded as a tool to upset our expectations and create representations that defy predictable meaning. While most of my work plays with or against language, 44 Meaningful sounds is the first to directly engage with systems of linguistic representation.