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Automatic Writing - 1998-2012 - Inkjet prints - 40"x60"

Automatic Writing began as an investigation into the conjunction between two practices that share that same name., but is also contemplations on the marks we as humans are making, writing on the sky with aircraft. It is photographs of clouds inadvertently created by the passing of our giant machines.

Automatic Writing is the Surrealist practice based on Freudian theory, a way of absenting the conscious self to access our true inner being. Texts are created without forethought, in the hope that ideas worth pursuing can be found in the ramblings of our sub-conscious.

Automatic Writing is also the spiritualist practice of absenting the self while writing in order to allow the other, the spirit, to speak through the word, the author. Unintentional texts are created to speak to those we have no access to.

In this single name we have a conflation of two practices that illuminate how we might think of the author. Taking the two practices together, the writer becomes the oracle and the essence, absent and truly present, the mouth of the other and the vessel of the self. But what is revealed in automatic writings of automatic writings? The photographs that comprise Automatic Writing are digital images of marks we never meant to make. They are mechanically and digitally captured images of unintentional marks left behind by the passage of giant machines. They are a book of man made clouds that may reveal the great beyond or allow us to truly see ourselves. They are contemplations of what is natural and what is technological, of what is image and what is text, of what is known and what might be meant.

But September 11th changed that.

For three days after September 11th no planes flew above the United States. Using this opportunity to study the impact of contrails on the environment, meteorologists found the Diurnal Temperature Range, a measure of how much heat is being trapped by clouds, was the largest in 30 years, and double the national average in metropolitan areas. Contrails hold in heat, significantly altering the environment. The images in Automatic Writing look at man made marks that slowly become and alter the world. They examine a writing that becomes and alters the environment.