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S. Rampart St.
O'Keefe St.
Yelm Highway
Rich Rd.
Water St.
Spurgeon Creek Rd.
Mullen Rd.
2nd St.
San Mateo Blvd.
Gibson Rd. I
Gibson Rd. II
Mulberry St.
Avenida Cesar Chavez
Yale Ave. I
Montano Rd. I
Montano Rd. II
Pan American Frontage Rd.
Beuna Vista Dr.
Prospect Ave.
Magazine St. I
Magazine St. II
San Pedro Dr.
Gibson Dr. III
Airport Expressway
Tramway Blvd.
Richmond St.
Claremont Ave.
Eubank Blvd.
Lomas Blvd.
Central Ave.
Menaul Blvd.
Canal St.
Conrad St.
Mound Ave.
Harrison Ave.
General Diaz St.
Pierce Ave.
Anthony St.
Iberville St.
Arapaho Rd.
Coit Rd.
Hennessey St.
Orleans Ave.
Jefferson Davis Parkway
Stroelitz St.
Center Ave.
4th St.
Randolph Rd.
Yale Ave. II
Office Blvd. I
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Civil War Battle Fields
Wall Sconces
The West Collected
Exquisite Corpse Variations
The Burning Bush
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Dark City - Ongoing - Inkjet prints - Variable sizes (approximately 24"x36")

“Imagine this fairylike Temple blazing like sunlight among those savage black rocks.”
~ Frederic Edwin Church

The works in Dark City adopt the stance of the Hudson River School painters and apply it to national retail chains, franchised restaurants, and manufactured neighborhoods. They look at the bright siren song of the national inserting itself into local contexts. They attempt to render the seductive neon glow of multinational corporations as being as sublime as Bierstadt’s and Cole’s painted sunsets. A deliberate inversion of the political agenda of these 19th century painters, these images look at where those sunsets led. Like the film it borrows its name from, Dark City examines the erasure of memory these locations create.