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Bodies of Work:
The Heat of the World One Hour Ago
Every Color Exactly once
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The Poetics of Dis-communication - 2010 - Two steel monoliths, LCD screens, speakers, computers, cameras, custom software.

The Poetics of Dis-Communication was a sound and text installation using video, text recognition, and voice recognition to create visual, audio, and textual works.

Two steel monoliths containing large LCD screens, speakers, and computers and processing equipment were installed near the San Fernando and Paseo de San Antonio (northbound) stops. Input from web cameras built into the monoliths scanned anything that moved and attempted to extract text. The text extracted from the words and shapes of passing pedestrians and vehicles was be spoken back using voice synthesis in real time. This stream of sound was analyzed using speech recognition software. As a word or phrase was recognized, it was be played back over the speakers at each of the monoliths and written to the LCD screens. When enough words/phrases have been collected, the intermixed utterances from the two locations will be “read” back as a poem using one of several computer synthesized voices as well as being displayed on the LCDs. Previous poems play back on the screen as new poems are being built. All poems were archived on the net and are freely available.

the poems