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Bodies of Work:
Soluble Fish Ladder
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Danse Macabre - 2001-2003 - 21 single channel videos. Size variable

Danse Macabre consists of twenty-one endlessly looping videos. Each video is created from secondary characters extracted from major motion pictures. The figures ceaselessly re-enact the motions they made in the seconds before their death. The videos are labeled with the time the death occurred in the film and the way in which each character died.

I have watched countless people die in movies. Most of the time these deaths slide on past. They do not register. Two seconds of pain and suffering, I have the appropriate cathartic reaction, and the story moves on. Death is so common, permeating nearly every film, the characters are an anonymous crowd hovering on the edges of my memory. They are nothing more than the tools movies use to advance the plot, to jerk my tears, to entertain me. But if I suspend my disbelief when I go to a movie, if I enter into the picture, what do I owe the dead?

These videos are the moment before stretched into an eternity. These figures exist a few seconds from death. Each figure inhabits, but is not the only inhabitant of the series danse macabre. Ideally, the videos are projected simultaneously, each moving in the same space, communicating silently with the others.