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Bodies of Work:
The Heat of the World One Hour Ago
Every Color Exactly once
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HUM - 2005-2007 - Projector, screen, computer, software, amplifier, speakers

We are formed at the intersection of our bodies with the environment around us. This individuality of experience is marked not only in our appearance or memory but also in the physical ways we reach out into the world. It is in the sounds we contribute to that world. Even stripped of all meaning, the sounds we utter still are marked with our experience, with our age and health. The anonymous hum, banal as it is, still manages to recall the person who created it. Hums are aged or youthful, they are healthy or frail, joyous or sad.

Hum is an ongoing and evolving project which collects hums and presents them back in an interactive environment. People are asked to contribute a sustained single breath hum, holding the note for as long as they can. These hums are then edited and cataloged by gender as identified by the contributor. In this incarnation, visitors to the site can role their cursor over the male and female icons, triggering a contributed hum. A single hum or any combination up to eight can be played. After triggering, each hum persists, wandering from left to right or perhaps standing still, until turned off by the viewer by rolling their cursor back over the figure.

Hum futilely seeks to restore the missing body and group interaction to the clean space of the internet.