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Mallory Square
Fremont St.
The Trinity Site
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Bodies of Work:
Soluble Fish Ladder
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Spectacle, Spectator, Specter - 2005 - 2008 - video projections with sound - variable size

Mallory Square: Each night in Key West Tourists gather in Mallory Square (along with street performers and vendors) for a Sunset celebration. They line the edge of the square to watch the sun set (if they are lucky). For three continuous nights I set my camera and videotaped the people watching the sunset. The three videos are synced so that the moment of sunset happens simultaneously in all three.

Trinity: Twice a year, the trinity site (where the first atomic weapon was detonated) is opened up to visitors There is a pylon at the epicenter (on the ground) of the explosion. A little ways off is a trailer with a model of a bomb that was similar not to the trinity dev ice but to the weapon dropped on Nagasaki. In other words it is a models of something with no connection except Ancestry to the event in that spot. In front of the bomb is a sign explaining all of this. The people here photographing up close, are photographing the sign, you are seeing from the center point of the bomb.

Fremont Street in Las Vegas is a five block long canopy of LED screens integrated into a single display. There are shows of music montages matched to graphics every hour or so until Midnight. This video is a three channel projection of two shows at night and one during the day from the same location.

These videos seek to place the viewer both as the spectator and as the ignored. To create the sense of being seen and ignored in the same moment. In much of my previous work I have sought to evoke the loss of the subject. These videos shift away from that. They are not just about the people in the images, rather they place the viewer relative to these people with their camera’s. They are an attempt to transform the spectacle into a specter.