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Bodies of Work:
The Heat of the World One Hour Ago
Every Color Exactly once
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Speak/Spoken - 2005-2006 - Commissioned Public Art project - Indianapolis

Speak/Spoken was a commissioned public art project. For one year, From September of 2005 though August of 2006, videos of randomly encountered people speaking about whatever they desired were projected under the West St. Bridge 24 hours a day.

Speak/Spoken was site specific and engaged the purgatorial location between the traffic above and the water below, suspending figures on screens that stretched from the bottom of the canal to the underside of the bridge. The sounds of the people speaking overlapped in time and echoed into the space mixing with the traffic of the city overhead. Over the course of the year, oil stained water dripped down onto the screens deliberately placed under the seam in the bridge above, staining them.