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CA- San Francisco
IL- Chicago
TX- West
MI- Detroit
TX - NM - OK
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Civil War Battle Fields
Wall Sconces
The West Collected
Exquisite Corpse Variations
The Burning Bush
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States - 2001-2003 - Inkjet prints - 40"x60"

Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe -Magritt

Except of course that it is. I have long been fascinated with maps. It is those empty spaces, the blank white spaces, those places that are not worth putting down ink that fascinate me. I have traveled hundreds of miles out of my way to see what wasn’t drawn onto the map.

It also that duality of experience that maps create. That feeling of looking out the car window at the cement and trees and plants rolling by and knowing exactly where you are on a piece of paper. With maps you can exist in the real world and render yourself onto a piece of paper. With a momentary glance, I am suddenly, thrust into a conceptual space and the world I am traveling down becomes transparent. I can see through mountain ranges. I can see over the horizon. From one place on earth I can see any other.

These are digitally generated images of wire formed into the shape of travels I have taken across the United States. They are bits rendered as maps rendered physical in a representation. Whole states rendered down to a thin strand of metal that marks travel through the world. Entire populations discarded in the minimalist organization of metal into patterns.