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Waiting To Speak (excerpts)
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Bodies of Work:
Soluble Fish Ladder
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Waiting to Speak - 2007 - Three channel video projection - Varible size

Ryan White was an 11 year old child who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion. Young, white, a mid-westerner from Indiana, Ryan’s case drew national media coverage. His was one of the first cases that made it clear to the television viewing public that HIV was not a disease restricted to homosexuals.

Shortly after Ryan’s death and memorial service in Lockerbie Cathedral (the largest in the city of Indianapolis) Ted Koppel hosted a Nightline episode addressing the subject as a follow-up to an episode exploring AIDS in the United States. On his episode that evening were a reporter, a senator from Massachusetts, and Ryan White’s mother.. As Koppel introduced each of his guests the camera flashed their video image for a few seconds.

Waiting to Speak (#’s 1, 2, and 3) consists of three large scale video projections culled from those few seconds of footage. The videos have had the backgrounds removed and have been slowed down by a factor of 20 to 100.